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Florentino Perez ‘designs new ownership structure’



Real Madrid plan a significant ownership restructuring, reports El Confidencial’s Agustin Marco.

This could be done to protect the Whites’ interests amid the risk of Middle Eastern countries or the United States’ large companies trying to buy the club or their assets in the future. This could also defend the club against UEFA’s and La Liga’s sanction threats.

Real Madrid consider changing the existing structure by adjusting shareholder privileges or allowing themselves to convert into a publicly-traded corporation with a market limit of 49.9 per cent one day – like at the Bundesliga clubs, Real Madrid members would own at least 50 per cent plus one of the club’s shares.

Real Madrid are currently completely owned by fans. The new ownership structure would convert their memberships into shares; if there is any kind of financial trouble in the future, the Whites would simply sell 49.9 per cent of the shares to save themselves from bankruptcy while the club would continue to be mostly owned by the fans.

The Whites plan to present the idea at the upcoming members’ assembly this summer. It is expected to be widely supported by the club members.



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